Tips For When Your Printer Can’t Receive Your Papers

Sometimes problems on the printer appear when we are printing paper, suddenly the paper is hard to get out. Of course, this creates a jam when printing paper. Automatic printing will stop when something like that happens. An example is an HP printer. So what is the solution to this problem? Here are 7 ways to deal with an HP printer that cannot pull the following paper. Meanwhile, you may also need to take a look at the recommended and the lowest cost printer ink.

1. Check the Printer

Before deciding whether the printer will be serviced or not should be checked first. Try to open the printer cover to immediately check the inside of the printer. So, it can be found out whether there is a foreign object in the printer or not. If indeed a foreign object is found, then immediately remove the foreign object. If you have, close it again and check whether it can return to normal or not.


2. Check the printer roller

If the first point has been done and the paper still cannot be pulled, then try checking the printer roller. It could be that the cause of the paper can be pulled is because the roller on the printer is worn out so that the reach of the paper does not arrive. If it is like that, there are only two ways: manually repairing or changing the printer roller.

3. Manually repair the printer roller

If you want to repair printer rollers manually, the tools needed include insulation or masking tape. How to fix it is as follows.

First, remove the printer roller and rubber on the roller.
Next, open the tape and wrap it around the part of the roller that is just below the rubber. Do as many as two turns.
If so, reinstall the rubber roller and printer roller as before.
After the steps have been done, then test the printer to check whether it works or not.
If it still doesn’t work, repeat again from the first stage to completion.

4. Reinstall the printer application

If all three methods have been done and still aren’t successful, then try to reinstall the application. First is to uninstall the application first, then install the installation CD (usually the HP printer has its own installation CD) into the driver CD. Next, install as usual. If you have installed it, then try checking whether the printer can be used again.

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