Some Parts Of A Printer You May Check When It Won’t Receive Your Papers

If you have checked out the inside, then the next is to check the output section or on the part when the paper comes out. The ways to do this are as follows. In the meantime, check out the recommended discount ink cartridge as well.

If still printing, press the Cancel button on the printer to cancel all print commands.
Second, unplug the power cable to turn off the electric current.
If there is a paper on it, immediately remove it slowly using both hands so the paper does not tear.
After the paper has been removed, look at the paper output. if you can use a flashlight to see it more closely.
Clean the output part using tissue or cotton.
When finished, reconnect the printer with an electric current.

Check the cartridge part

In some cases, the problem of paper jams on the printer is also affected by the cartridge or ink on the printer. The way to check it is as follows.

First press the Cancel button on the printer to cancel the print command (if it is not being used, this step can be passed).
Then turn off the printer by unplugging the power cable. Make sure the electrical current is completely not in the printer to avoid electric shock.
After that, open the closing section.
If the cartridge position is in the middle, just move it to the right slowly.
Turn on the printer again.
After the printer is turned on, pay attention to the cartridge position, usually, the cartridge will move to the middle and will stop on the right.
If the cartridge is not moving, it is certain that something is blocking the course of the cartridge.
If so, immediately turn off the printer and unplug the current cable to avoid an electric shock.
After making sure the electric current is not flowing inside the printer, move the cartridge to the side. Both the left and right side slowly.
Important to note! if when you have difficulty shifting the cartridge, it is certain that the block is in that section.
Then make sure that the cartridge can move across the width of the printer smoothly.
After that, close the cartridge cover.
Connect the cable to the electric current.

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