Some Common Factors That Make Your Printer Becomes Unresponsive

There are several cables in the printer that are connected to the computer. You must understand this. First is the printer cable with power supply or voltage source. This is the cable in charge of turning on the printer. If this connection is not correct, then your printer certainly does not respond to commands because it is turned off. Meanwhile, before we continue, check out the low cost replacement printer ink near your area.

The second is the connection of the printer to the computer. This cable functions to align commands on the computer to the printer. If this connection has a problem, no matter how many tasks print you, the printer will not respond.

Check the connection between the two cables. You can replace the cable if necessary. Don’t panic if the connection is fine, but the printer hasn’t responded.

Installing the Printer Driver

A good connection will not work, your printer driver has not been installed on the computer. The driver installation functions to connect hardware to your computer. How to check the driver installation? Open explore on your computer. Make sure your printer device is entered into your computer’s device list. If not, you can find the driver installation. Can be online, because now many webs provide installation for free drivers.

If you have done both steps but the printer is still not responding, do the following steps:

Enter Control Panel. The trick is to click the Start menu – Control Panel – Hardware and Sound – Device and Printer.
Choose your printer as the default.
If it has made your printer default, then right-click the printer icon. Then a selection will appear, click Properties.
In the Properties menu, look for details or ports. Learn carefully, make sure the details and ports have been checked correctly.
Next, double-click your printer icon. Then the list of documents that will be printed appears. Then cancel all documents in the queue.

Repeat your command to print the documents.
You can change the USB port on your printer settings. It could be a problem with the detection port.
You can try restarting your printer to get maximum results.

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